Company - Direx electromedicina



The company Direx, Distributions and Representations biomedical Direx, SL, was born in 1994 with the main objective to establish a national reference in the field of distribution of medical technology products aimed at the hospital market.


Direx has the mission to offer comprehensive products and specialized services for health professionals within the lines of anesthesia, cardiovascular, intensive care, image, general equipment and orthopedic and trauma surgery.

Quality policy

The Direx quality policy is based on identifying and meeting the needs and expectations of its customers, making these needs and expectations requirements form the starting point for the service.

At all levels, staff Direx seeks to overcome, wherever possible, the expectations for their clients before providing their services and the quality of the products supplied.

Direx has trained and qualified personnel and the means and resources necessary for the provision of the services entrusted by its customers, always in compliance with the rules and regulations that apply.

Implementing corrective and preventive actions necessary for the elimination and prevention of non-conformities and complaints from customers, in order to achieve continuous improvement of processes and activities is an essential aspect of this quality policy.

Also Direx seeks to achieve an overall efficiency of the management of the company, increasing and consolidating its image by achieving the requirements for the product or service, with a strong conviction that customer satisfaction must be maximum governing the activity of the company.

All these elements of the quality policy Direx determine the actions of all staff with a clear focus on the principle of continuous improvement.


One of our core values is our commitment to our customers. We share the difficulties and the responsibility that involves the use of our products in patients. Patient safety and specialist training are priorities in the use of all products and services we offer. The involvement and expertise of our staff adds a quality service, which ensures continuity in the use and success in diagnosis or therapy.